The "nanny dog" thing


emilys: vent: I really hate "advocates" who tell other advocates basically to STFU, be nice, don't antagonize anyone because you know, they might not like us. So fucking condescending. Mar 28, 2014 18:14:09 GMT -5
emilys: especially in this case when what they think will be a great victory could actually turn into a total disaster, depending on how the press plays it and how smart the DBO crowd is. Even assuming they aren't being totally played by the politicians Mar 28, 2014 18:15:05 GMT -5
maryellen: weekend here ... supposed to rain.... had cat scan have something wrong with sinuses (big long words lol) seeing a ENT april 4th to find out what to do. Mar 28, 2014 18:19:37 GMT -5
melonie: We're experiencing an amazingly nice weekend for a change. Feels so nice to be outside with out the wind howling and the low temps. Mar 30, 2014 17:31:58 GMT -5
melonie: Today, one day after our balmy 70 degree day, it is 23 degrees with 40 mph winds with gusts up to 60. Welcome to Nebraska. Mar 31, 2014 16:32:45 GMT -5
maryellen: im in our short hills office every afternoon this week, and it took me an hour and a half to get home , and I have to do this all week.. grrrrrrrrrr Mar 31, 2014 20:08:37 GMT -5
michele5611: ^ We are neighbors! R you by the mall? Apr 1, 2014 9:51:10 GMT -5
RealPitBull: More gloomy weather here today, wtf? Apr 2, 2014 7:35:27 GMT -5
maryellen: Michele im right across the street on jfk pkwy.. I will be there tomorrow and Friday too:( Apr 2, 2014 19:53:42 GMT -5
michele5611: ME if you are ever going to be in the SH office again let me know and maybe we can meet up for lunch or something! Apr 3, 2014 8:02:41 GMT -5
maryellen: we don't get a lunch we drive from Sparta to SH and grab something on the way down to class:( Apr 3, 2014 17:59:52 GMT -5
demonsmom: Spent Thursday afternoon at the ER after falling on Wed. after my speech class. Now I get to spend two weeks on crutches and whats bad I have to give a speech Monday on pit bulls. How do you walk the dogs when you have a sprained ankle? Apr 6, 2014 0:42:59 GMT -5
maryellen: we got chickens lol. 6 little 2 week old chicks . they are living in our spare bedroom. I think I am nuts Apr 6, 2014 14:21:34 GMT -5
RealPitBull: Demonsmom, sorry to hear you hurt your ankle! Feel better, soon! Maryellen, you are crazy but I love it! hahaha Apr 7, 2014 8:46:00 GMT -5 *
maryellen: :) thanks mary:) yep, 6 little chicks in the sparebedroom lol... Apr 7, 2014 17:00:11 GMT -5
maryellen: we lost one the day we got them, so I went back to tractor supply and got another one who is super feisty and will probably be the jerk of the bunch Apr 7, 2014 17:00:44 GMT -5
RealPitBull: Ugh left my phone home today by mistake. I feel totally naked! Apr 8, 2014 7:05:42 GMT -5
sugar: : the only advice I can give is to walk them with extra treats so they are extra attentive? Apr 9, 2014 13:32:59 GMT -5
maryellen: demonsmom walk the dogs one at a time... Apr 9, 2014 17:51:09 GMT -5
zaeva06: Its April 15th. There are several inches of snow outside. Something is wrong with this picture! Apr 15, 2014 8:09:37 GMT -5