The "nanny dog" thing


maryellen: fireworks royally suck. they are going off like mad here. rufus is hiding, im on the lookout for neighbors horse and dog that dont like fireworks in case they jumpthe fence . their dog took offwith storms friday Jul 5, 2014 21:24:47 GMT -5
maryellen: iwas in the rain trying to find her, neighbors are in= FLA and have their MIL watching dogs and horse Jul 5, 2014 21:25:09 GMT -5
loverocksalot: Just stooping by to say hello. Sorry for staying away so long. Jul 16, 2014 8:59:52 GMT -5
tinytina: Hello everybody. I adopted a 2 y/o female pitbull mix from a rescue organization in February. I would love to share some of the joys and challenges with the online pit bull community! Jul 17, 2014 14:18:18 GMT -5
RealPitBull: Hi Tina, welcome aboard! Glad to have you :) Jul 18, 2014 7:55:31 GMT -5
emilys: got another spammer here.... post in the Training forum... Jul 21, 2014 21:47:11 GMT -5
emilys: and in video.. same post Jul 21, 2014 21:47:47 GMT -5
zaeva06: Thanks to whomever got rid of the spammer, was a bit confused this morning to see ads for tote bags. Jul 22, 2014 15:50:43 GMT -5
maryellen: what a great week to be on vacation. i am not looking forward to work next week lol Jul 24, 2014 9:35:59 GMT -5
loverocksalot: I got to see my pal Rufus. He is looking good! Jul 27, 2014 7:24:25 GMT -5
maryellen: :) rufus says thank you for coming to visit him Jul 27, 2014 18:54:10 GMT -5
maryellen: back to work tomorrow vacation over:( Jul 27, 2014 21:08:19 GMT -5
melonie: I'm planning a 4 day get away in Aug. Going to see another concert and spend 4 days w/ my sister. Also planning a BBQ with friends I haven't seen since high school. Jul 27, 2014 21:29:19 GMT -5
emilys: Im just standing on the dock shouting at a ship that's already sailed..... Jul 31, 2014 11:02:48 GMT -5
daves: I couldn't decide what category this belongs in so I'll put it here. The video is of dogs having a blast in the enrichment garden at Stokenchurch Dog Rescue in the UK Aug 4, 2014 16:27:47 GMT -5
fawncoat: Three dogs, all under two years-old, all different ages and completely different breeds = herding Macaques. Aug 21, 2014 19:34:27 GMT -5
melonie: Hector the Pit Bull posted a new photo a bit ago. It hurts my heart, he's not looking so well these days. :( Sept 10, 2014 19:16:05 GMT -5
emilys: oh the one with Clara's post about their car breaking down on the way to the specialist?) I also thought he looked bad... very sad. Sept 11, 2014 14:10:49 GMT -5
melonie: yeah, that's the one. I know he's not been doing too well lately. Sept 11, 2014 17:01:15 GMT -5
michele5611: HI MARE!!! Nov 20, 2014 8:53:55 GMT -5